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From December 12 to 21, the Global Research Institute shared 10 research highlights from 2019, including from IJL on day 5.

Day 1: Research by the Center for African Development, led by Co-Directors Iyabo Obasanjo and Philip Roessler in Nature:

Day 2: Check out the latest research from the American Bosnian Collaboration Project! Co-written by director Paula Pickering, W&M students Emma Evans, Peter Jones, w/ Univ. Sarajevo students, Amina Pintol, Antonela Polić, & Dr. Larisa Kasumagić-Kafedžić. Read:

Day 3: New book from the TRIP Project. Editors: Daniel Maliniak, Ryan Powers, Sue Peterson and Mike Tierney. Learn more

Day 4: AidDatalaunched their newest report on China, which captures China’s growing use of students and media for public diplomacy in the East Asia Pacific region. Check it out:

Day 5: In summer 2019, IJL Director, Kelebogile Zvobgo's article, "Human Rights versus National Interests: Shifting US Public Attitudes on the International Criminal Court," was published in the International Studies Quarterly:

Day 6: Six W&M student research fellows in the PIPS project wrote white papers covering topics in technology, education, military affairs, natural resources, geopolitics, an international development. Read them here:

Day 7: In 2019, W&M kinesiology professor and director of Ignite, Carrie Dolan, released an article with PLOS One and AidData's Ariel BenYishay. The study tests the impact of bednets on child mortality in the DRC:

Day 8: This summer, AidData released a geospatial impact evaluation. The report, which studies long-term impacts of locally-led development projects, provides insights for those who work in post-conflict settings. Read more:

Day 9: W&M government professor and director of NukeLab, Jeff Kaplow covers the shift of nuclear proliferation and its impact on future policy. Read more in his working paper:

Day 10: Check out this long-term impact evaluation on USAID's Malawi Wellness and Agriculture for Life Advancement Program:


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