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Affiliated Scholars


Suparna Chaudhry is an Assistant Professor of International Affairs at Lewis & Clark College. Her research examines the activism of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the human rights field. Her current book project, Uncivil Societies, investigates when and why states persecute NGOs. Learn more about Suparna's scholarship here


Stephen Chaudoin is an Assistant Professor of Government at Harvard University. His research examines how international institutions can compel sovereign nations to change their policies despite the institutions having no direct enforcement powers. Learn more about Stephen's scholarship here


Benjamin A.T. Graham is an Associate Professor of International Relations at the University of Southern California. His core research is on political risk and foreign investment in emerging markets, with a focus on the role of diaspora investors and the evolution of international property rights. Learn more about Ben's scholarship here.


Wayne Sandholtz is John A. McCone Chair and Professor of International Relations and Law at the University of Southern California. His research projects center on the development and effects of international norms, law, and institutions. Learn more about Wayne's scholarship here.

— Affiliated Scholars: Testimonials

Daniel Solomon is pursuing a PhD in Government at Georgetown University. His research investigates the dynamics of mass atrocities; civilian mobilization during mass atrocities and other types of large-scale violence; and international policy responses to mass atrocities and violent conflict. Learn more about Daniel's scholarship here

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