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Teaching and Mentoring


Our Philosophy

IJL practices the Stewardship Model of Mentoring, an innovative approach developed with colleagues at the University of Southern California to address the 'pipeline problem.' 


Historically, the field of International Relations has struggled to recruit and retain women, first-generation scholars, and scholars of color. We aim to change this via five institutional practices:

  1. Targeted recruitment

  2. Technical training

  3. Applied research experience

  4. Multi-level mentorship

  5. Membership in a carefully constructed learning community 


Thus, we provide a context where students are equipped with the exposure, skill-sets, and psycho-social support necessary to thrive in research careers, both within and beyond the academy.

Student Resources: Research Methods


Dr. Jaime Settle and the Social Science Research Methods Center at William & Mary have created several modules for research methods training, including on:

Interested in pursuing a PhD in political science?

Below, you will find a set of useful resources for prospective PhD students.

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