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IJL in Foreign Policy Magazine's Spring 2021 Print Issue

Congratulations to IJL Fellows, Alexandra Byrne and Bilen Zerie, and Dr. Zvobgo for their op-ed, "Put Racial Justice at Center of the Biden-Harris Transition Plan," which has been re-published in the spring 2021 print issue of Foreign Policy Magazine.

On January 26, the Biden-Harris administration rolled out the first steps of their racial equity plan. Byrne, Zerie, and Zvobgo draw on insights from their collaborative research to recommend what the new administration can learn from transitional justice in racially divided societies, of note South Africa. The authors write, "So far, it appears that the Biden-Harris team is committed to reforms to deliver racial equity. Still to be revealed is whether they are also committed to repair historical inequity. In South Africa and many other countries that have undergone political transitions—some violent, like the one the United States recently underwent—reforms have been accompanied by truth commissions, judicial accountability for wrongdoers, and economic and symbolic reparations."


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